Touch-Up Texture and Titanium White

Traditionally, for any highlights in colour pencil compositions, the white of the paper had to be preserved due to the fact that white could not be applied on top of darker values. Attempts at adding highlights at the end of the rendering often resulted in the use of unsuitable white mediums which often compromised the longevity, lightfastness and archival quality of the artwork. 

Coloured Pencil Touch-up Texture can help by offering a way to seal the previous layer and applying new tooth to a small area for a highlight, thus preparing the area for a layer of white pencil. 

Should an even brighter white be necessary, Colored Pencil Titanium White can be used. This is the most opaque white available today and is the same white pigment that is part of any white coloured pencil core, but in a higher concentration. 

CP Titanium White can be applied with a small sponge applicator. A light layer of ACP Textured or Final Fixative secures the applied pigment.

If fine lines, as in fur or whiskers, or small areas of white are required, Titanium White can be mixed with a small amount of Touch-Up Texture to the consistency of paint and applied with a small paint brush. Mix only very small amounts as it dries up quickly and only add Touch-Up Texture to thin the consistency of the mix down.

Once the Titanium White and Touch-Up mixture has completely dried off, it can be worked over with coloured pencil if necessary. 

Because Touch-Up Texture hardens and is non-flexible, best results are optained by using a rigid, non-absorbent surface like sanded or gessoed paper mounted on conservation board. 



Sonja Hay