Powder Blender

Brush and Pencil Colour Pencil Powder Blender

Coloured Pencil Powder Blender is great for creating seamless value transitions and colour blending without liquid solvents like odourless mineral spirits (OMS), thus avoiding harsh edges or changes in colour. Powder Blender is inert, non-toxic, and practically invisible when applied. It enables the colour pencil particles to move on the surface and spread out or blend. By doing so, they speed up the process of covering large areas like in backgrounds while using less pencil and eliminating the need to keep pencils sharp at all times. 

Powder Blender can be used with both oil- and wax-based colour pencils. However, for the first few layers it is best to use oil-based pencils like Faber-Castell Polychromos or pre-treat the surface with Powder Blender before applying the first layer of wax-based pencil. 
For the last layers, when more detail is required, wax-based pencils like Prismacolor Premier might be used.

Only small amounts of Powder Blender are needed and can be applied with a small sponge or brush. 
First, shake the Powder Blender container lightly so a small amount of the blender sits on top of the sieve. Dip the sponge applicator in the powder and tap it on the side to remove excess powder. Gently blend the colour pencil lines and smooth them out with the sponge applicator.

It is best to work on a close to vertical surface so any loose pencil particles can fall off the paper while applying pencil. Any remaining loose product will be spread into the paper surface and a small portion will be knocked off as the pencil lines get blended. This is normal and can be minimised by applying pencil with light pressure.
It is important to remove any loose pencil shavings off the paper surface before spraying with ACP Textured or Final Fixatives to guarantee a smooth coverage.

To avoid blending previous layers, isolate each colour pencil and Powder Blender layer with a layer of ACP Textured Fixative. 

If preferred, OMS can also be used, as long as OMS and Powder Blender are not used on the same layer but are each sealed and isolated from each other with a layer of Textured Fixative. 

Sonja Hay