About our people

Sonja Hay

Sonja is an Austrian born, Kiwi artist living the rural life raising her four children with her husband Graham on their farm in beautiful Hakataramea Valley in New Zealand. Sonja's first choice medium used to be acrylic paints. However, with the lack of a suitable space and time to paint with a wet and potentially messy medium, Sonja decided to give colored pencils a go. Alyona's first book "Color Pencil Painting Bible" and membership at Brush and Pencil's Art Logistic's sparked Sonja's love for colored pencils. With the publication of Alyona's second book "Color Pencil Painting Portraits" and the development of the new products a whole new painting medium seems available now: One that combines the convenience of colored pencil with the speed and spontaneity of acrylics.


Alyona Nickolsen

From the beginning, Alyona's favorite medium had been graphite and charcoal. However, colored pencils have now captured her inspiration and creativity. "I began to understand that a medium I had overlooked from childhood could do so much more than just sketch and produce a wondrous array of colors and tones. I discovered new systems and methods that changed my perceptions and molded the results into something much more than I had ever thought possible", she says. "People always ask me: Are you sure this is colored pencil?" Alyona's paintings really don't look like what you would expect from colored pencils. She applies 20 or more layers of color to give the drawing an oil painting effect – a process she calls “colored pencil painting” because of its surprising realism and intricacy. "Knowledge of the medium's essences, constant improvement of skills, tools and techniques, searching for new ways to use the medium and being open to experimentation are crucial keys for success. Hard work and passion brings results.


About our products

How safe are your products?

According to toxicological evaluations by Robert W. Kapp, Jr., BA, MS, PhD ATS (Fellow, Academy of Toxicological Sciences), ERT-UK (European Certified Toxicologist - United Kingdom): "Based on the examination of individual chemical toxicity data, the calculations of potential exposures and the evaluations contained herein, in my professional opinion, the Brush and Pencil, LLC Colored Pencil Powder Blender, Advanced Colored Pencil Final and Textured Fixatives and Touch-Up Texture do not require chronic toxicity hazard warnings. These evaluations show that the products conform to ASTM-4236. In addition to any other hazard warnings or precautionary statements that Brush and Pencil, LLC may deem appropriate, the label must display the following statement of conformance or other LHAMA equivalent: "Conforms to ASTM-4236" April 15, 2016"


Where are your products manufactured?

Our products are manufactured in the USA exclusively for Brush and Pencil, LLC


Where can I learn how to use these products?

You can find instruction materials on Art Logistics at brushandpencil.com and join Brush and Pencil's Facebook group "Brush and Pencil Art Group" for support and to share and be inspired by other's artwork. 

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