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Magic Pencil art supplies store is the sole distributor in NZ of Brush and Pencil products by Alyona Nickelsen.

At Magic Pencil we are laser focused specifically on the Colored Pencil Painting process. Colored pencil is not paint, but you can use it to deliver astonishing, painterly results if you use the right set of materials and appropriate techniques. That is where we can help.

The unique collection of materials that is exclusively available in NZ on our website has been researched, formulated and tuned by fellow colored pencil artist, Alyona Nickelsen. These materials vastly improve your colored pencil experience and allow you to work with methods and approaches similar to those that were used by Master Oil Painters like Leonardo da Vinci or Rembrandt - but without the mess, tedium and long drying times that were forced upon them by the materials of the day.

Alyona’s own work is a strong testament to the effectiveness of this totally new methodology. The popularity of her techniques has grown immensely since the publication of her first bestselling book, “Colored Pencil Painting Bible”, using more traditional colored pencil techniques involving burnishers and odorless mineral spirits. With her second book "Colored Pencil Painting Portraits" Alyona introduces her revolutionary new products which push over boundaries and deliver so many more options, techniques and results with colored pencils. Her hand picked products and educational materials will show you exactly how to utilize them to achieve the effects you never thought possible. 


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